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January 14th 2013

So, I've finally updated the Gallery with a bunch of fanarts that I've gotten back since 2008 (I might have gotten more but I think I lost them, so if you did do one and it's not up there, please e-mail me again). Yeah, I am so sorry for being VERY late with it. Also, to those that submitted the fanart, I've actually lost some of your contact so I dunno what to link your credits to, so if you're reading this, can you kindly e-mail me or something (like note me on my DeviantArt) so that I can properly credit you? Really sorry for the extreme lateness and thank you for the wonderful fanarts. And yes, you can submit fan arts of NPP to my e-mail or deviantart notes. I'll try my best to put them up as fast as possible.
January 7th 2013

First news post for 2013. Anyways, that aside, for people who never knew my old comics, as I've mentioned before, this Sunday series involves an old comic of mine Called Gomen Nasai, but the new readers probably won't know who this Ken is cos he never appeared in Gomen Nasai. That's cos he appeared in another comic of mine called Chibi Kataoki. This comic is actually a pseudo-sequel to Gomen Nasai, looking at Nana who's going to college and met a guy named Ken Kataoki who plays basketball. The focus of this comic is on Ken, not Nana. Anyway, the comic was sadly never finished but I uploaded it anyway though I don't think I'll be going back to it to finish it. But at least now you know what happens to Ken. Hope this little tidbit helps put that unsated curiosity to rest for a little bit.

Edit: I took out the forum cos no one was really using it, but I've added a tag board down there.
December 29th 2012

A new Sunday series is upon us. I've always wanted to go back to my original webcomic, Gomen Nasai as a series (not as a guest appearance as what Naomi did in past strips) so this Sunday updates gives a good opportunity to have a look at what the characters are doing now, more than 10 years since it ended (well, it ended in 2001, but since this thing is backdated, this comic is supposed to appear back in 2010, so it's really 9 years since it ended but I am doing it right now in 2012, so it's actually already 11 years... yeah, like I'm not confusing people enough with the dates already), so, yeah, for people who never read Gomen Nasai (which means sorry in japanese), check out the link and catch up. For my old fans from way back when, welcome back to Naomi and Joe's life.
December 25th 2012

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate and happy holiday greetings to all!! For my christmas gift to you, I present to you, an update of FOUR strips!! Whooo!! yeah, I've actually drawn some of them quite awhile before, but I decided to hold it until Christmas to just update in one go for all of my loyal and wonderful fans. Anyways, sad news about volume 2, the printer for the book was in the area that got affected by Hurrican Sandy so the release got delayed a bit so in pure sadness, it couldn't make it to Comic Fiesta 2012 (local Malaysian convention). Still, it will be coming out soon, so yeah, I'll put news here when it is out. Meanwhile, you can check out No Pink Ponies on Comixology, volume 1 all digitaled up for download and 5 separated issues with totally brand new cover drawn for them. Also, check out Menagea3(Rated R NSFW) and Eerie Cuties for my guest strips that I'm doing for Giz and Dave for the holidays. (written by Dave, just drawn by me). Again, Merry Christmas to those who celebrate and Happy Holidays and New Year to all!!
August 23rd 2012

Professor Farnsworth style, GOOD NEWS, EVERYBODY! I've decided NOT to end No Pink Ponies here and the comic will resume NEXT WEEK! Still backdated, no timeskip (a poll on facebook tells me, though it's neck and neck, most of the readers wanna see it done right and not timeskip style). Now,in other none NPP related news, there was a time earlier this year where I spent ALL of my time working on ONE project. That project is an animation project me and several of my friends decided to undertake. That project, called The Amazing Awang Khenit, is now shortlisted for the TBS Digicon6 awards and you can see it on this webpage, My Launchpad. It's the second video in there and if you would be so kind, please vote for it. I did the animation for this project (by myself cos me and my friends aren't an official company yet when we were making this trailer... now we kinda are). So anyways, back to NPP news, vol. 2 of the book is right now in the making. I hope to get it out as soon as late October or early November.
August 18th 2012

Today's update was supposed to have gone up on February 7th 2010. That day would've marked 4 years of NPP being online. but now it's 2012 so NPP have been online for 6 years in actuality, ha ha ha ha. But all that aside, I do wanna thank everyone who have been sticking around through my whole no update and still loyally reading through the comics and waiting for updates. I really do appreciate you all and I hope you continue to stick around my career. Anyways, here's a fun activity for you guys, chime in your opinion in the forum, wouldn't it be funny if I ended NPP right here right now? I think it's actually a pretty good ending point for the series, ha ha ha ha.
May 30th 2012

I just wanna say that if you're Malaysian, you've probably seen the same ad as I do on the right of this newsbox here. Now, I am not the biggest advocate of McDonald's but I don't mind going there for some foodings, but not on a regular basis. Just from time to time, once a month kinda deal but the Chicken Foldover is delicious. I do reccomend a try of it, but remember Supersize Me... you can have McDonald's from time to time but don't make it a habit.
January 9th 2012

First post of 2012! Now, as you've seen with yesterday's update, the comic has now entered 2010, but because I was delayed in updating that in the first place... well... we're still back in a 2 years gap instead of catching. But still, it's 2012, I'm updating after missing December 2011, but overall, it wasn't a bad update year, 2011. I updated at least once a month except for March and December so it was still pretty good, and we did move from 2008 to 2009 pretty quick. Now to just move through 2010 this year and hopefully get to 2011 soon and finally catching up in 2012. Is it my resolution? Not really, I've never really live up to any of my resolutions in the past but it is my wish and hope. Thanks for the support and faith to those sticking around. There's the "No Pink Ponies on Facebook" button on the side there, click Like or Follow or whatever it is in there if you wanna see when I update the comic cos I always, ALWAYS announce it there.
November 4th 2010

So, yeah, this one actually turned into a story arc when I wanted to do just a short one, sorry about that. But anyways, as you can see, I've introduced a character named Naomi Rui, a Japanese girl who transferred to study in the US and me Jess in college. Naomi Rui is actually an old character of mine from my first successfully ended webcomic called Gomen Nasai. Recently, I just found my old files of the comic and for the next strip to really sink in, you gotta read Gomen Nasai. I tried to make it that you don't have to and can still enjoy anyway, but it is better if you read the original comic first.

Here it is. Be forewarned, I was heavily into Anime and Japan stuff back then and it really shows from this comic (even the title is in Japanese, which means "Sorry"). Anyways, I'll let this comic sink in first and tomorrow, an update!
September 6th 2011

Surprise, new layout for the page. Instead of the comic being up here, the comic is now all the way down there! Why do I do this? Cos I still get questions about why my comic is dated wrong so it was obvious to me that people have not been scrolling down to the newsbox to read the reasoning I always copy and pasted so, ta dahh! The newsbox comes up! I figure I'll maintain this layout until I catch up with the date where the reasoning is no longer needed, then I'll put the comic back up here.

And now, the copy and paste of the date reasoning:
"No Pink Ponies is a comic based on real-time, so if the date is 2007, that the events occurred in the comic is in 2007. Now, in the beginning of 2008, I missed A LOT of updates. Close to 6 months I think and the storyline at the time does not permit me to skip that 6 months and let it be, so I had to backdate my comic. So I backdated and tried to catch up but as things go on, I keep on missing more updates and more updates and more updates. So, ever since then all the way til now, I'm still trying to catch up with the dates, cos it's in real-time and if I just suddenly dated the comic 2010, how am I going to explain the missing 2 years. Now, rest assured, I will one day catch up with the actual dates as I am skipping some months to catch up."

Thank you.
August 27th 2011

That's the end of this story arc. Tomorrow's update, we move on to October for a short story arc and then November for some one-shots and December for a long story arc that'll probably span over to 2010 and when that happens, WHOO!!! We'll be in 2010!!! WHOOOO!!! Anyways, other than that, head on over to the No Pink Ponies facebook page (not created by me but by a fan but is now admined by me) to check out a poll I just put up about the change in CCG's hair. Weigh in your opinion in this poll towards his hair.

And now, the copy and paste of the date reasoning:
"No Pink Ponies is a comic based on real-time, so if the date is 2007, that the events occurred in the comic is in 2007. Now, in the beginning of 2008, I missed A LOT of updates. Close to 6 months I think and the storyline at the time does not permit me to skip that 6 months and let it be, so I had to backdate my comic. So I backdated and tried to catch up but as things go on, I keep on missing more updates and more updates and more updates. So, ever since then all the way til now, I'm still trying to catch up with the dates, cos it's in real-time and if I just suddenly dated the comic 2010, how am I going to explain the missing 2 years. Now, rest assured, I will one day catch up with the actual dates as I am skipping some months to catch up."

Thank you.
August 18th 2011

So, I'm on September 2009 now in the comic and we're going into a story arc, so we'll probably be hanging out in September for awhile before I start skipping again, but in any case, 2009 itself is close to finishing and soon we'll be starting on 2010 comic strips. I'm hoping to catch up all the way by next year and resume the regularly scheduled updates instead of this hellish sporadic update that I'm sure a lot of you are very frustrated with. The thing is, I've actually stopped working at a day job and am now freelancing full time, so I can actually do my best to catch up now as I'm only doing freelance jobs. But that's the thing though, I'm still trying to make ends meet at my end and pay the bills and stuff, so I just wanna say, if any of you readers or fans can donate to my paypal there, I'd surely appreciate it a lot. Donations will keep me afloat as I keep on trying to make more updates. I'm not forcing anyone, of course, I'm not gonna say, "You have to donate or I won't update", but I'm just calling out to your kindness, if you can. (sounds desparate? Maybe I am a little desparate, ha ha ha ha)
April 30th 2011

Did you know this is my first newsbox post of 2011? Yeah, I am so sorry about that. I didn't even realise it until I'm about to type this new one. Anyways, what's been going on with my life... if you check my deviantart, you'll see that I've been doing A LOT of sketchcards. That kept me really busy. Also, I'm doing comic jobs for Moonstone Books. Some Zombies vs Cheerleaders stuff (Two books now) and an upcoming Domino Lady comic (I don't think the one I did is listed yet), so yeah, the lack of updates is me keeping myself too busy.

Also, I have a self-published book made by me and friends called Yon Gumix #6 that's for sale online! The comic I have in there is something I started back in 1999, so you can say it was one of the stepping stones before I got to characterize Jess and the gang for No Pink Ponies. Check it out and please consider buying it if interested, the book itself has some awesome comics with really great artworks.
October 20th 2010

You know what, I actually forgot to mention last time that, for the longest of time already, for 2 years, No Pink Ponies has a Facebook page. Recently, I've been using it to announce when the comic is updated, so, if you have a Facebook account, click "Like" to the facebook page so that you'd see announcement of updates. That way you don't have to always come over and refresh the page hoping to see an update but not seeing anything. Anyways, copy and pasting bits of last newsbox to explain the weird comic dates:

"No Pink Ponies is a comic based on real-time, so if the date is 2007, that the events occurred in the comic is in 2007. Now, in the beginning of 2008, I missed A LOT of updates. Close to 6 months I think and the storyline at the time does not permit me to skip that 6 months and let it be, so I had to backdate my comic. So I backdated and tried to catch up but as things go on, I keep on missing more updates and more updates and more updates. So, ever since then all the way til now, I'm still trying to catch up with the dates, cos it's in real-time and if I just suddenly dated the comic 2010, how am I going to explain the missing 2 years. Now, rest assured, I will one day catch up with the actual dates as I am skipping some months to catch up."
October 6th 2010

Finally! We're in 2009!! Took me a long time to finally get to the 2009 strips! Okay, for the new visitors, I suppose explanation is needed. See, No Pink Ponies is a comic based on real-time, so if the date is 2007, that the events occurred in the comic is in 2007. Now, in the beginning of 2008, I missed A LOT of updates. Close to 6 months I think and the storyline at the time does not permit me to skip that 6 months and let it be, so I had to backdate my comic. So I backdated and tried to catch up but as things go on, I keep on missing more updates and more updates and more updates. So, ever since then all the way til now, I'm still trying to catch up with the dates, cos it's in real-time and if I just suddenly dated the comic 2010, how am I going to explain the missing 2 years. Now, rest assured, I will one day catch up with the actual dates as I am skipping some months to catch up. Hopefully, by the end of this year, I'll be at the actual dates and have no need to backdate or play catch-up again. But until then, please, be patient and try to bear with my HUGE flaw in characteristic of missing updates and trying my best to catch up but not really succeeding very well.
July 12th 2010

I did a guest comic over at Wapsi Square. Jess and Lyla made a guest appearance there, fun all around! Also, I'm guessing some new people from Wapsi Square are probably here from there too so I'll just take this time and space to explain, the date you'll see in the archives will be dated 2008 but in truth, those comics are updated recently... well, some of them... the thing is, my comic is based on real-time, so the date, most of the time, corresponds to the strip, so, after missing several months of update in early 2008, I've been trying to catch up to the current date, so the strips I'm doing now are just filling up the missed update gaps. Hopefully, I'll get to catch up with the current date soon, but I have a day job and A LOT of deadlines, so sometimes I just don't have the time to actually draw updates, so the catching up has, most of the time, get delayed by circumstances. Still, welcome new readers, hope you enjoy the comic.

Also, check out No Pink Ponies in Spanish! (Note: I didn't do the translation)
May 30th 2010

Came back from Singapore and re-dated all the past 5 updates to the 2008 dates. I actually did NOT do today's supposed update before going to Singapore because there wasn't enough time, but I figured I'll do one when I get back. Nope, big mistake, now I am SUPER exhausted and don't think I have the energy to draw for tonight (the bus trip took about an hour and a half extra time due to traffic) so I'll try to get it done for tomorrow's update. Til then, thank you for your patience.
May 25th 2010

You might look at today's update and then check the archives, you might say, "Oh, look at that, it's dated 2010, I guess Eisu decided to skip the rest of 2008 and 2009 and not play catch-up after all". No. Not the case, not at all. See, I'm still playing catch-up, the update you see up today is supposed to have gone up 17th July 2008, but I had to date it to the current date cos I have all the comics queued up to be updated for the next few days by itself and not be uploaded to me day by day because I'm in Singapore right now on a job thing. Because of that, I'm nowhere near my PC to upload the comics by themselves. When I get back from Singapore, I'll be re-adjusting the comics to the dates they were supposed to go up.

At least the comic will still be updated even if I'm not around to do t manually. So far so good with the updates, here's hoping I get to catch up soon.
May 9th 2010

I have commissions open and getting funds from it will ensure I have enough money to pay my bills, internet, house and this in turn will ensure in the near future I get to update the comic, so please, if you can, commission me.

The commission info

Black and White sketchcards = USD20
Colour sketchcards (using copic markers) = USD30

NEW!! Sketch cards will now have this printed on it's back:

Large scale commissions (prices depend on how complicated the artwork is):
4x6 b/w = USD60-80
4x6 colour = USD100-120

8x11 b/w = USD 70-100
8x11 colour = USD150-180

11x17 b/w = USD 120-160
11x17 colour = USD 180-250

I can do nudity if requested but nothing hard core. For these, you must add USD10 for sketchcards and USD25 for large scale into whatever you're asking for commissions.

E-mail me at

Also, my computer is 8 years old, so I do need funds to buy a new one so that I can work on personal animations and paints and I can update the comic easily with a better, faster computer. So, if you can, please, commission me.

Also, update coming tomorrow!!
February 4th 2010

Moving things around a bit in the layout, to make way for the tower ad and the box ad. The twitter box have been moved under the navigation section. Not much to say except that I'm still trying to catch-up with my updating dates, so the updates are still dated 2008 because of that, I'm doing the best I can to do the comic whenever I have free time, but I still can't work on it as much as I want to yet. Hopefully, I'll get more time to myself in the coming months so that I can do a lot more NPP updates and maybe finally catch-up to the (will be at that time) current date and update normally, which is Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Til' then, brace yourself for sporadic updates that might be daily for a couple of weeks and then on hiatus for the rest of the month.
August 27th 2009

I just wanna inform people that I did a guest comic for the online comic Menage a 3. I can't link it to this comic cos this comic is an all ages comic and Menage a 3 is a Mature Audience type comics. I have nieces and nephew reading my comic, man, I can't make them stray to the dark side... yet. Anyways, for those in the known, check out Menage a 3, a very funny comic, I like reading it and I enjoyed drawing the guest strip, written by Dave Zero. I bet you can google up the comic or something if you don't know about it, but I won't link it here. Anyways, enjoy... oh, also:

Get your copy of No Pink Ponies, volume 1, collecting strips from February 7th 2006 to February 7th 2008:

Until I create an actual page to showcase the collected books, I'll just put this up everytime I do a new newspost.
August 17th 2009

Well, it's now August and the gap of my NPP missed updates is growing and growing. Sometimes, I think I'll never make it, but I have to persevere, relax and work when I can. I went to San Diego Comic Con a couple of weeks ago and had a blast. Met a lot of fans who knows my work and didn't get much angry ones. There were some that is upset with me about my updates but not as much as I thought there was gonna be. I wanna say thank you to those who came by the Keenspot/Blatant booth and bought No Pink Ponies vol.1, I hope you really enjoy that book. I do not know if we'll do any colour version of it down the line... maybe, but for now, you'll just have to enjoy it in full black and white.

And with that, I shall now advertise that No Pink Ponies vol. 1 is out and debuted at SDCC. I love the way it looks and everything and I think it was a pretty good sale we had at Comic Con. Anyways, click the image below to go to the order page for NPP and buy your copy online!

I will organize myself and put up the fan arts I received the past couple of months on the gallery soon. Sorry to those that submitted. I will work on it!
April 17th 2009

Updating again. I'm not gonna say anything about that like the whole "here's hoping it sticks around" or whatever cos whenever I say that, I turn around and not update for a couple of weeks. I'm starting to think that line just jinx me from updating. Annoying, gotta tell ya that. Anyways, I'm gonna announce it now, I'm going to San Diego Comic Con this year. I'll be with the Marry Me most of the time over at the Blatant Comics booth so if any of you NPP readers drop down SDCC this year, drop on by the booth. The thing is though, if you wanna make sure that I REALLY arrive and attend SDCC, I do need more funding, so if any of you kind souls can donate their money to NPP using the Paypal donate button, that'll really help my attendance. Right now, I'm just hoping against hope that by the time SDCC rolls over, I have enough money to go. While I'm on the subject, I wanna thank the readers that HAVE donated to me the past couple of years. I really, really appreciate the support, I'll be drawing a sketch for the people who donated soon and post it up in the gallery. Of course, the donators (ha ha ha) will get a hi-res version of the sketch for them to print and have fun with. Other news from me would be I'm close to finishing the compilation of the first No Pink Ponies graphic novel. Check this newsbox out for the next update, cos the next time I change this little news section, it'll be announcing the launch of the first No Pink Ponies GN. Now, I have received a multitude of NPP fanart the past year, but I haven't gone around to actually setting it up in the gallery yet and for that, I'm sorry. I'll get right to that as soon as I can. And finally, I've actually opened myself for commissions, you know, hire me to draw what you like kinda thing? But it's limited to sketchcards only. Information for the commissioning can be found here. Additional lastly, I added the webcomic of a friend of mine, it's a very well-drawn and enjoyable cute comic called Evil Diva. Enjoy.
March 3rd 2009

Okay, I missed almost two months of updates, but, there were reasons. One, I went on a little trip to my grandma's place at the end of January. And then I came back and got busy with other jobs. Most of February, I was busy doing my submission for Udon's upcoming artbook, "Darkstalker's Tribute". I already submitted it, no reply from them yet, but here's hoping that I got in. I'm afraid I'm not really allowed to show sneak peeks to the public, so all of you will have to wait until the book is out before you can see my submission. Anyways, most of my side stuffs are done, so now I hope I'm back in the game. Apologies again to those who've been loyally waiting for this comic to update, I thank you, I do not deserve you, you Ponies are all the best. Enjoy.
January 21st 2009

Okay, I've been a bit on the lazy side lately so we've not seen any new updates for the past couple of days, sure, but I assure you, I'm not gonna go on a 6 months long binge anymore. There will be updates soon... real soon. Anyways, the real reason I'm posting this new news today is because of something that's occurring with a comic company I used to work with called White Lightnight Productions. I used to do a sexy fight comic called Maid Attack for them which is available to be seen online in that link there. We've been wanting to turn it into a graphic novel but financial situations as it is... but now I found out that YOU can help. You, my fans and readers, can help make this graphic novel a reality. See, I love this comic, I really do, I'm proud how Maid Attack turned out even if I'm cringing over the artwork (I always cringe over my old artworks) but I really like how I actually finished it. To help make it into a graphic novel, all you have to do is donate here. Everyone who uses that link to donate WILL get a copy if and when the thing prints and a thank-you shoutout in the indicia notes, too! Your name in a book! Anyways, if you want to see this in print, help a guy out. Support the small print industries.
January 4th 2009

First post of the New Year, yay, 2009 is here with what I'm hoping would be regular NPP updates. Okay, anyways, to the real business, a lot of people are e-mailing me telling me they're confused over why the new Maureen strips of the past few days are missing. It's not, see, like I said before, I'm playing catch-up, so all these strips I've been updating the past 4 days are all the actual Sunday strips that were supposed to be updated back in January 2008. Yes, one whole year ago, wow... anyways, as of yesterday's update, we finally caught up with the WHOLE January 2008 updates, yay. To look for the past Maureen strips, just go into the archive and click on all the January 2008 Sunday links (though the strip originally started in December 2007 but the latest updates are all in January 2008) and you'll find the whole story all lined up nicely as how it was originally supposed to be lined up in. Good luck hunting, dear readers.
December 31st 2008

Hey there, yeah, it's been a long time. 6 months to be more exact since my last update. I've finally gotten some time to myself (a whole week actually) and I've been drawing several strips already, so at least I'll have the Maureen story finish in these next few days. I'm not gonna promise anything this time, cos, well, as proven, I can't really keep my promises due to so many circumstances, but I'm not gonna make any excuses. I didn't update, my bad. I'd make a New Year's Resolution to update more often, but then, I prefer to actually try instead of resolving to try. But, without further ado, the return of No Pink Ponies. I promised a fan at a local convention called Comic Fiesta that I'll update again at year's end and ta dahhh, year's end, as promised. Best part? There's 6 minutes til midnight here in Malaysia right now so I still made it to the promise. As usual, all I can say is that I'm just playing catch-up, trying to update every day for all the missed 4 days a week update. Anyways...


July 26th 2008

Funny story, this strip was supposed to be updated on February 7th, which is the 2nd anniversary of No Pink Ponies, supposed to be a monumentous occassion, but alas, my busy life got in the way and took away the monumentousness of the day itself. Also, say I were to update regularly, I would've mentioned, on February 7th that this is the end of book 1 and NPP will be taking a month break from then and will be updated with the start of the second book, but again, since I am 6 months (very close to 7 months) behind, no such thing will happen, I will try my best to update as much as I can. This story was actually thought up (minus the Mel thing) when I planned to do this comic 2 years ago... well, 2 and a half years ago. It was quite different in a sense, especially since I added in Mel, but it still has it's similarities. Overall, I like this version better than the original one I thought up. Still, happy belated (VERY) 2nd anniversary NPP.

Oh yeah, NPP book collection coming soon, as soon as I do 6 Sunday strips to catch up.
July 7th 2008

Okay, we're finally back. I finally have more time to update, so for the next couple of months, we will be playing catch up. I will be updating on, hopefully, daily basis and we will one day catch up with all the missed update. I've just been extra busy the past couple of months working on other things and other projects. Marry Me, as I'm sure a lot of you know, is finished with the main story, so now it'll be made into a graphic novel and be sold at San Diego Comic Con. Look for the Blatant Comics booth, #1328. If you can't go to Comic Con like me, you can order it online.

Another thing, this new strip marks a bold new move for No Pink Ponies, it is the moment where this comic goes fully digital. I drew this particular strip NOT, on paper first but straight to the PC using Photoshop. It takes some getting used to and I'm slower doing it this way, but at least this will ensure that I WILL be drawing this comic cos I don't need to prepare a paper, get it lined and then scanned and yadda yadda yadda. Plus, once I'm used to it, who knows, I might be faster in doing these comics.

Anyway, enjoy.
April 15th 2008

As I see a Newsbox being used for No Pink Ponies today, this is the perfect opportunity to put in a new news here in my New News section. Anyways, why have I not been updating? Well, lately, I'm bogged down by multiple other jobs that's taking over A LOT of my time, including Marry Me. Seeing as how we're trying to finish that one totally by the end of May, I will be concentrating A LOT more on finishing that rather than continuing No Pink Ponies, CURRENTLY. I'm hoping that my workload will be lighter come May, and by then, HOPEFULLY I'll be able to update this comic. I really miss drawing NPP, I really do, that's why I'm hoping against all hope that I get more time soon to continue. My other jobs also include finishing a 350 sketchcard set for the upcoming Marvel Masterpieces II trading card series. Yeah, that's my own fault, when the guy asked how much I can do I said, "Gimme 350" and I procrastinated so much that now I have to do crunch time to finish before the end of April. I'm 1/3 done, I have no doubt I can finish it, but this also means that I have to not do NPP because of it. Once that's done, my workload should be lighter that I can continue NPP again. So, here's hoping. When I'm done with NPP, I'll post more about what this whole Marvel Masterpieces II Sketchcards is for those not in the know.

Lastly, I apologise for not updating for so long and not posting any news about it. I've been horrible about that, loyal readers, I don't deserve you, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
February 24th 2008

As I'm trying to catch up to the date, that's when things start piling in. I'm gonna have to put updates on hold for the week cos there's an event coming up, a local event in Malaysia that's being held in MMU Melaka called GACC that I'm going to attend. Because of that event, that's going to be on the next weekend, March 1st and 2nd, I'll be busy preparing things to be sold there, so I won't have time to do any No Pink Ponies work, sadly. But after that, we'll go back to the usual "try to catch up on lost dates" update. Now, to Malaysian readers who will be attending GACC, drop by the Yon Gumi booth where we will be selling Yon Gumix 3, the same book from last year's Comic Fiesta BUT, with an added bonus of a CD compiling old Yon Gumix books. also, we will have a poster selling there that we wil call the Gattai poster. What does it mean? You'll see if you attend the con.

In other news, it looks like I won't be attending San Diego Comic Con this year due to extensive price hike in airfare for around that time. So, I'm saving my money and I might just go to next year's Wondercon or New York Comic Con instead... we'll see which fancy I get by that time. That's about it, have a nice end of February, fellow readers.
February 13th 2008

Okay, No Pink Ponies finally makes a return after being in hiatus for a month and a half, so first off, I wanna say Happy New Year to all my wonderful fans and readers, I'm really happy that you guys stick around despite the extremely erratic schedule that always throws everything off. I appreciate all the e-mails asking me the state of the comics without rudely demanding an update from me. It's refreshing, since in the past I've gotten a demand for an update e-mail when it wasn't updated for only a week. To see polite e-mail that asks me if the comic still alive or has it ended even after a month of no updates makes me feel like I have the greatest fans in the world. Also makes me feel guilty for not updating, ha ha ha ha.

Secondly, February 7th come on and gone last week and I tried to actually make a special comic for that day, but alas, couldn't make it. Why a special comic on that day? Well, it is the second anniversary of No Pink Ponies. Yep, No Pink Ponies is now two years old and going somewhat shaky but I like to think it leans on the strong side of shaky. Now, as you can see from yesterday's update (couldn't post this news up then, late for work), I'm playing catch-up again by multiple comic posting, so, I'm hoping to get the Anniversary Special to be done by the time I catch up to the date with my strips.

Lastly, tomorrow is Valentine's Day and even though people are asking me if I'm doing a V-Day special, sadly, I can't do it on time. I dunno whether I'll do it or not, but you'll only see it once I caught up to the date itself. For now, enjoy the strips as it tries to race against time to make it to it's lost dates.
December 25th 2007

Merry Christmas!!

To all my readers, old, new, loyal and everyone, I wanna wish Happy Holidays to all of you and thank you very much for still sticking around to this comic. I mean, seriously, I never really think of myself as that really good of an artist or writer, but I do get all these e-mails most of the time of people telling me how much they love my work. I really appreciate it.

Okay, anyways, as you can see, the past couple of updates I've been doing double (or triple) post updates and here's an explanation for it. I wanted to reach Christmas with Lyla saying "Yes" but missing so much updates would've forced me to shorten the storyline and I couldn't do that, so I had to fill it up before reaching the 25th, but ta daaa, I reached it! If I update on Thursday, it'd go back to just one strip per update. If not, then double on Saturday, I figure this is a really good technique to fill up on missed updates.
December 18th 2007

Seeing as how Tomgeeks removed the NPP review, I feel like I should change the newsbox here so as not to confuse my readers as they click the link to the review and see a review to a different comic (a comic, I must say, that's pretty damn interesting looking... I should definitely check it out). I should ask those peeps at Tomgeeks whether they archive their reviews.

So, last weekend, both Saturday and Sunday, I was at a local Malaysian event called Comic Fiesta and though the first day was haywire with a lot of disorganization and confusion, the second day was pretty good. I had fun just hanging about on the second day and looking at some interesting cosplays. I wanna thank the people who went there and met up and chat with me and bought my group's book, Yongumix III, that was big of you and we at Yon Gumi totally appreciates it. Hope you all enjoy the book.
December 1st 2007

I was actually having one of my bouts of moodlessness... okay, not worded rightly... I was having one of my downing the dumpsereousness... no, those are made up... okay, I was being lazy.

Truth be told, there are moments that I don't update because I was feeling lazy. See, sometimes, I just don't have the mood to draw anything, so I'll just spend the day lounging and lazing about, watching TV or playing video games or (rare moment) read a book. Not a comic book, mind you, but a book. I can't help it, I mean, I was just no in the state of mind to draw. Yesterday was sort of one of those moments. See, I spent the whole day hanging out with my friends and when I came back at night, I could've done an update. But instead, I opted to read a book, because I just didn't feel like drawing. This happens, it's hard, I should just persevere and do it anyway but I didn't. But somehow, as you see, I've done the most late update I've ever done in the history of updating No Pink Ponies. Why?

Because I ran into this review of No Pink Ponies. It's a very nice and moving review that just made me think, "Damn... I really made people feel this way? Using my comics?" so I just said to myself, "Screw it! You are going to do an update today for yesterday's no matter what!" and I did. Thanks to Crystal Yates for writing that review of my comic, it really helped me "go on" so to say. Now... let's hope I can update for today's.
November 27th 2007

Finally, an update! Yay! On time! Yay! Will it continue? Dunno! Boo!

Actually, the reason I'm having this little tete-a-tete time here right now, typing all this is to say that the jewellery store name up there is not my idea but the idea of my friend and colleague Mel and no, before you say anything, Melissa from this comic is not based on my friend. When I created Mel, I know of my friend Mel but don't know her yet (cos she's a girlfriend of a friend whom I know but not closely) and heck, when I created Mel, my friend Mel didn't cross my mind and months after I created Mel, I started working in my job in which Mel is already working in (she's my senior, ha ha ha) and thus, I got to know her more and she's become a good friend of mine who liked this comic too and ta daaa, I have a character named after her by sheer coincidence, ha ha ha ha.

Of course, the name of the Jewellery shop is also a sort of reference to the other webcomic I'm doing. Part of the joke in Mel's(my friend) idea

Well, that's done with. Time to get back to work.
October 21st 2007

This comic was actually supposed to have gone up last Sunday. I mean that I already finished it then, as I was about to scan it, I screwed up my Windows system somehow and was forced to re-format it. After re-formatting and setting up a new hard drive with more space (which only really took all of Sunday), I didn't have my own copy of Photo-Shop, so I have to wait until I can get a copy of Photo-Shop (might as well use this opportunity to move up to CS2) before I can get to working on scanning and colouring this page. And finally, the reason why it's up late? I participated in the Malaysian part of the 24-hour Comic challenge, so since 12 noon Malaysian time yesterday to 12 noon today, I wasn't at home as I was busy in Cineleisure, Damansara trying to draw 24 pages of comic in just 24 hour. I finished with hours to spare but couldn't retire home til it's time and when I got home, I plonked on the bed absolutely exhausted and totally knocked out. But hey, at least it's up now, right?

Will post my 24 hour comic up soon, probably in my Livejournal, so check back from time to time.

Also, enjoy the start of a new Sunday series, Maureen! Yay!
September 19th 2007

I added a Paypal Donation button on the buttons side there under the navigation panel. A lot of people have been asking me about this Paypal donation thing and recently, I was able to acquire a Paypal account for myself. Now, here's the thing, this Paypal Donation button does NOT ensure that I will update regularly. At least, not yet, since I'm busy with my real life job and everything. But it does give me extra incentive to update regularly. But again, I shall reiterate that I'm not doing this so that people will give me more money so that I update. This is totally up to your own volition (I think I used the right word), whether or not you want to donate however much you want, but it does not ensure any kind of absolute updates, so don't e-mail with complaints about how you've donated and I still don't update regularly. Thank you.

Edit: Ha ha ha, I broke the website and have no way of fixing til' I get back from work. Here's hoping.
September 8th 2007

Finally, an update. Stuff has slowed down finally, so I can finally concentrate back on this comic. I'm gonna try my best to get this comic going regularly again, but as usual, I just can't promise anything. Working life has really just eat up a lot of my time and several other projects in my hands really takes a lot of my time. My gaming time has been cut short too, but then, if it were up to you guys, you don't want me to game, right? Ha ha ha ha. In any case, I'm back for hopefully a good long while, but nothing is set in stone. Let's just see what happens.
August 15th 2007

I'm still not updating just yet, I hope to get something done for tomorrow, but no promises, as usual. Anyways, today's news is to announce one of the reason why I haven't been able to update recently. There's an event coming that's on 18th-20th of August here in Malaysia at Cineleisure, Damansara called ComiWorld that me and my friends will be attending. We will be having a booth there and we will be selling Yon Gumix Preview Special and alongside that will be last year's Yon Gumi Return from the Dead special. So, if you're around the area, come on over and visit our booth called The Stoned Monkeys, cos we'll be sharing custody of two booths with Tabula Rassa, an acquaintance group. Come on down.
August 7th 2007

As some of you have attested, I'm doing an okay job updating last two weeks but suddenly, I didn't update for Saturday and Sunday! Why? Well, actually, something came up that I need to meet the deadlines for now before it's too late, so most probably, you won't be seeing any Tuesday and Thursday update. Now, I can't promise anything, but I hope to get to updating again on Saturday. Hope you readers can wait patiently as I try to get my RL stuff done then I can go back to concentrating on NPP with semi-regular updates.

Thank you.
July 5th 2007

Whooo! Yeah, updates have been sporadic. There was a whole bunch of stuff that went on, I had a trip down to Singapore for an event called CG Overdrive '07 and work got piled up, before that there was a whole bunch of passport thing to settle, so personal time for fun comics I'd like to do was cut short, though I tried to at least keep up with comics I get paid for (Marry Me), but even that one was sporadic. I got at least a once a week update for No Pink Ponies going on for awhile, but damn, I totally missed A LOT between the last one and today's that I just realised there were only TWO updates for June. TWO!!

Man, I need to shape up and start doing this comic more regularly. I'm gonna try my best but as usual, no promises. Things always turn up at the last minute in my life that changes everything I planned for.
May 15th 2007

Okay, finally settled down a bit more with my move, my room is now presentable that I can work in it without feeling too crowded (in fact, there's a lot more space than I thought there ever could be in this room now) so I finally can update with a strip and funny enough, I actually finished this strip waaaaay ahead of time so for the first time in a very long time, this strip updates as when it should and not on a late update! Yay! I hope I can continue this productive streak... somewhat. Work is still piling up, but no problem, I can definitely leave work at the workplace and do comics in my house.

Oh, pretty old news, some of you might've known about it already, on May 5th was Free Comic Book Day and Keenspot put out a Keenspot Spotlight 2007 book and Jess graced the cover of this comic. It also has several strips of NPP inside it but nothing you haven't seen in here. I wish I had time to actually do an all-new FCBD exclusive comic for it, but alas, no luck. Still though, at least the cover with Jess on it is an all-new thing.
April 28th 2007

The most late of late updates. It's so late, it's almost Sunday! Yes, there will still be a Sunday update, but to let this strip run it's course, that update will be late. My excuse for the lateness? Well, I'm about to be moving house soon so it's been hectic here. Packing up my stuff (man, I bought way too much comics over the years) mostly and I do have to work on two online comics and a comic project that's still hush-hush, but even those are worked on very slowly due to the whole house moving work. The move will happen sometime this week, on Wednesday or Thursday, dunno, but in any case, I'll try to get strips of those days done beforehand so that the automatic update'll just... well, update it, but I can't promise anything. After the move, I'm betting it's gonna be a couple of days of setting things up at the new place before I get settled down to get back to work and Internet connection's gonna be tricky as well cos I have to make the connection jump from my old house to my new place. In any case, if there's no update it the next week or two, you'll know why. Hopefully, things will settle down fast.
April 22nd 2007

Oh wow. Almost a month of no updates. I am really sorry, but it's the same ol' excuse, I've been busy with my work and all that, it's even useless to even say it now. I've already mentioned it in the forum. I gave a bit more priority to Marry Me mainly cos I get paid for that comic, but I'm going to try my best to get No Pink Ponies back on it's proverbial saddle. No promises though, cos, I'm sure you all know by now, I'm not that good with promises. Here's hoping.
March 27th 2007

Okay, I'm gonna apologise for the torrid of horrible updating. This is not because of the new schedule, in fact, the new schedule is the reason why I can update sometimes. Work was getting more hectic the past couple of weeks so I had no way at all of doing that and the comic strip at the same time so that's why the updating have been very erratic. On the bright side, the work part have slowed down a bit for now so I have enough time to actually work on No Pink Ponies. So, we go into a flashback of Maureen's past and why Jess affected her so much... let's begin...
March 10th 2007

There's gonna be an update today, but it'll be late. I was busy drawing Marry Me page 8 so I didn't have time to draw today's strip but rest assured, there will be an update today. Now, you might be asking, "Why not draw now?" and my reply to that will be... "Because 300 Spartans won't let me!!". Yeah, I'm delaying the comic cos I'm gonna go see 300 with a bunch of friends. Selfish? Maybe... but hell, this is 300!!! *kicks a guy into a pit*

In Links news, I finally added some new webcomics I've been reading lately and also adding Marry Me to the roster of comics there. Other comics would beOrder of the Sticks, but I'm linking Giant in the Playground page to make it easier and I'm also adding +EV(another comic by Marry Me creator/writer, Bobby Crosby) cos this comic is hilarious. And I'm adding a link to my friend's online comic, Spiffy Threads. Anyways, check em out, really good stuff.
March 4th 2007

There will be a late update today, so check in much much MUCH later. Now I just wanna clarify something up, I said, in my last news post that I might be changing the schedule to Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and I just realised that I made it sound like I'm shortening the update days from 4 a week to 3 a week... this is not the case. What I REALLY meant was that I wanna change the weekday days (let's just count Saturday as a weekday for this case) to that, Sunday will remain as is, coloured one pager update on Sundays. So, this means that yes, the update will STILL be 4 times a week, it's just 3 of those 4 times will be changed... anyways, I'm trying it out next week, so there will actually be no update tomorrow as the update will be on Tuesday. Here's hoping the new schedule works out.

Edit: You know what, I can't make an update today. I'm sorry, expect one this Tuesday with what hopefully will be the regular update schedule. Sorry.

Edit Edit: Whaddya know, I made it after all. Huzzahs!
February 27th 2007

First off, apologies, there was no update yesterday and there won't be any update tomorrow either... Friday, I can't tell, if luck would have it, that's good. Here's the up and up, work is really digging into my free time as in I finish work but get home around 8pm to 10pm and that just really leaves me just a few hours to do any comics and then get to sleep at get up the next day at 7 am. The weekends is usually spent on other things, like some other works I do and stuff so wow, it's been hectic here... I'm hoping things will slow down soon so that I can have some more time to get NPP strips done, but I gotta tell you guys, I'm not promising anything. Here's to hoping that I get free-er time in the future so I can devote some time to drawing the comics.

So, I might be changing the schedule to Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday instead, leaving Monday, Wednesday and Friday for Marry Me. This might relax my comic drawing time a bit to make it work... who knows. Tell me what you think, post in the forum about it.
February 16th 2007

Another late update. The usual apologies, but hey, better late than never, right? I'm actually quite surprised that I am doing all this update recently though, late as it is. I mean, come on, I haven't been keeping a good track record recently and this week, I haven't actually missed an update yet... unless I miss this coming Sunday... hopefully not!

In other news, I was interviewed recently for a website called Silver Bullet Comics and it just went up. You can check the interview up here.
February 14th 2007

Happy Valentine's Day! May your couplings and loves be nice and loving. Or something... late update today, I spent my free time yesterday finishing up work for my new project (more on that later) and watching Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny DVD I just got. Man, Jack Black is awesome and teamed up with Kyle Gass equals hilarity beyond comprehension. Though, I kinda was expecting more, but that's another story. Meanwhile, the Gallery is updated with a V-Day special fanart and a cute little gif animation.

Now, let's get to that new project, shall we. It's a new webcomic I'm working on with Bobby Crosby, creator of +EV and Last Blood. Now, I'm not gonna lie, I've never read these comics... I'm not much into the reading webcomics thing (starting that up now, but not by much), but the premise he gave for his new project with me was too damn interesting, I just can't pass it. Check it out, it's called Marry Me and it debuts today, Valentine's Day.
February 12th 2007

First off, a big huge apology for being super late with today's comic. I was busy doing a project that will soon be unveiled... don't worry, I'll announce the unveiling here on the News Post.

Secondly, I'd like to promote my friend, who goes by the online nickname, Dangerism's online comic called Spiffy Threads. It's a really cool comic and it just got started. Dangerism is pretty good at coming up with hilarious or unique comics (or comics that is an awesome combination of both). Spiffy Threads just started, so I totally reccomend you guys jump on this bandwagon early. You probably won't regret it.
February 11th 2007

Sorry, there won't be any updates today, I got something else going on with my friends today so I won't really have any time to draw the update and later on, I have this little special project coming up that I need to be finishing. I'll try my best to get tomorrow's update done. Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this. Remember, patience is a virtue and virtue is a quality of great people.
February 9th 2007

Today's update will be extremely late or not come at all, depends.

As you can see last Wednesday, it was No Pink Ponies' one year anniversary. I've had a lot of people e-mailing (and other means like the forum and my deviantart) me and congratulating me for it, thanks to all of you. I usually like to reply all the e-mails I get personally, but I haven't been able to get to it recently due to heavy load of busy. I will try to reply when I have the time. Again, thank you for the well wishes and good graces, here's hoping to more years in the future.
January 31st 2007

The update today will be late. Mainly cos I didn't feel like doing the strips yesterday night cos of real life again. Now, you might go, "What? Eff you, Eisu, real life again? That excuse is getting old and this time it's not even because you're busy but because you're lazy? That's not fair!"


Well, okay, according to recent e-mails I've got regarding me and real life, that wouldn't really be your reaction, but in any case, the strip will be late cos I didn't do it yet. You see, my house got broken into yesterday and though I can't say I'm horrified by it but it was still pretty bumming, so I just didn't have any mood to really draw anything last night. Now, before anything is asked, no one was hurt cos the house was empty, fortunately and my mom's jewelries are the major hits, but my Nintendo DS and my brother's PSP was hit too. But, in any case, hopefully, you can understand why today's strip will be late. Real life man... it hits real hard. Edit: Agh! I'm sorry, no update today! Everything's so hectic in my life, everything's happening and I'm changing jobs... *sigh* I'll try to make it on Friday... no promises...
January 29th 2007

Freck! I really thought I could do today's update albeit late but I couldn't, some stuff came up and I decided to do that instead. I was thinking that I'll do today's update coming back from work but something came up that needed my urgent attention so I couldn't get anything done for the comic. Hopefully, update will resume on Wednesday.
January 28th 2007

Update is going to be late today. Whether it's going to be very late or just a little late, I'm not sure yet, but I will have an update done for today. Check back later, ponies.

In another news, as you can see from the Keenspot Newsbox, I did the cover for this year's Keenspot Spotlight Free Comic Book Day... uhh... comic. I'll also have an FCBD exclusive comic inside that, so make sure to ask your comic retailer to get the Keenspot Spotlight FCBD. It's 104 pages and it's free!! Readers win!!

Edit: Okay, update's done. Enjoy!
January 26th 2007

A big heartfelt thank you to all those who e-mail me in regards to the January 24th news and those who went to my livejournal and commented. Seriously, I gotta say I felt very overwhelmed by the amount of people who e-mailed and commented to tell me that they support me and they understood if I took a break and all that. It's really cool to know that this little webcomic here does get that much love. It's just really good to know that there is more fans and readers out there that has my back.

On a side note, just know that I posted the LJ post not because I'm bummed or depressed. I ain't gonna lie, the e-mail did tick me a bit, but not enough to make me feel all vindictive. I just posted that entry to show people of how some people can be really off-putting to webcomic artists who just has lives and can be pretty busy with it to update. But that doesn't mean I didn't appreciate all the e-mail and comments. Thank you all, I appreciate all the support and the love.
January 24th 2007

Actually, I wanted to say that I'm sorry for not announcing the fact that I took an extra week off cos I needed the rest time, but recent events have shown me that some people are just way too impatient and not understanding to how I have a life outside of No Pink Ponies. Now, I have to tell you, I appreciate my fans, I really do, they've been great to me, I love them but No Pink Ponies is not a priority for me. I don't get enough from it for me to actually live my life off it. Some of you may say, "Then why not put a Paypal button there pal?", well, cos I can't. I cannot have a Paypal account due to some incidents happening between me and them in the past. And even if I do have an account, it's useless, cos I'm in Malaysia and Malaysia cannot get Paypal money to their bank account using their money transfer feature thing. If I use Western Union, it takes more than a month to get the money cleared and even then, I don't get the full amount cos I need to pay off the Western Union service. Now, I do apologise to the fans that DO understand and have been patient with my extra week off and I thank you for it, but to the one that showed me how impatient and not understanding you are, seriously... I dedicate this update to you.
January 8th 2007

Ha ha ha ha, someone mentioned it in the forum already. Yeah, I made a resolve not to miss an update and I missed Sunday's update and now I'm missing today's update. Yesterday, I spent the whole day out with my friends and it was fun and good so I'm not regretting breaking my resolve for that. Today, I have no excuse, I'm just feeling really sluggish and out of spirits to draw the comic strip, so I figure, I'm gonna take a break for this whole week. So, for the whole week, probably til Sunday, there will be no update.

I'm needing my rest and I shall take it.
January 5th 2007

*Ahem* Firstly, I wanna commemorate this moment as the first news of 2007. Yay! First news of 2007, break out the champagne! Pop the streamers! What an occassion!

Now, I just wanna say that this is it, the final gay strip for January. I've used up the gay=funny quota of January just in this one week alone (the whole week has been a gay comic strip update! From Flying Mouse "Man X Superbman" to "Jess X Melissa" to "Maureen is gay" and now today's update). Now, I'm not saying this cos I'm a... uhhh... the bad word for people who hate gays... bigot, I think? But I'm just saying that I can't have No Pink Ponies go on a gay joke streak for too long. I just feel like it doesn't fit NPP's theme too well if I do too much of that. Still, hopefully no one was offended by the strips this past week, NPP is after all, just a gag comic with a slight story kicked in to stir up the pot. Enjoy!

Also, I resolve to try my best not to miss any update...
December 31st 2006

This is the most late update I've ever made, ha ha ha ha. Thankfully, this is a totally out of continuity comic that involves the Batman and Superman spoof, Flying Mouse Man and Superbman. You can tell it's out of continuity cos I made my own self-inclusion in the comic. The bomb head down there is actually my avatar when I draw myself inside my comics (or draw myself in general). Originally, I wanted to do that Lyla was reading (and laughing loud) a slash fan fiction online involving the two you see and with Jess behind her asking to stop reading those fan fictions cos she thinks Flying Mouse Man would never do/swing that way but I figure I'll just take it out of continuity and just put a self-inclusion comic for fun.

In any case, sorry for the late update, but have a HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!! May 2007 be a good blessing for you!

Also, January 1st update will be late.
December 25th 2006

Jess like you've never seen her before! For Christmas, Jess is sporting a sexy little Santa Claus number, complete with mini-skirt and cleavage showing top, ha ha ha ha ha. Seriously, you won't be seeing this kind of Jess in the actual strip, so savor this moment, ha ha ha ha ha.

Merry Christmas to those that celebrate and a Happy New Year to all!

Incidentally, you can see the larger version of the picture seen in the strip in my Deviantart, my Livejournal and also the No Pink Ponies board. Have a Happy Holiday, Ponies!
December 24th 2006

Apologies for the lack of quality on this update, I am so out of touch in drawing the Cute Comic Guy, I totally screwed up his entrance panel. I can't really blame it all on my lack of drawing him lately though, I'm also down with a minor case of the sniffles and sneezes but this is one update I cannot miss due to it's timing and it's content, so, I just had to do it no matter how sick I feel (which, funny enough, could've been avoided had I drawn this page yesterday and save myself the hassle, but hey, I'm a lazy guy! Leave me be!)

Well, at least the update's done and it's up just in time for the holidays. I had to rewrite the story a bit due to being busy with work that I had to miss updates, but at least I still made it to the update. In the future, I have to either draw the story arc in advance when it's timeline imminent or just not do timeline imminent storyline that coincides with holidays. Happy Holidays y'all, and yes, don't worry, there will still be an update tomorrow on Christmas, albeit not a real update... you'll see tomorrow I guess.
December 22nd 2006

Okay, I didn't update yesterday. I decided to rewrite the story a bit so that all I have to do is just update it today and it's up late, apologies for that, but it's done and here it is. Work and other stuff is starting to slow down so I think I can get back on the regular updating track next week, hopefully. It all depends on what will happen in the next week with all my current projects. I need to finish some of the commissions I already took too. Work really is taking a huge toll on my non-work drawing time.
December 20th 2006

Update is going to be either very late or tomorrow... but there will be an update cos the story's timeline demands an update... that's what I get for doing a comic strip that follows real time, ha ha ha ha.
December 18th 2006

Today's update will be up late. After the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Convention yesterday (which was okay, but not very good since we hardly even sell the book we were selling), me and my friends had a little dinner party thing and we got back really late. So late that I was too exhausted to even colour yesterday's update and this morning I woke up a wee bit too late to start work on today's update cos I need to get ready for work. There will be an update, just that it will be later on. Sorry for any inconvenience.
December 17th 2006

No colour yet for today's update cos I've been busy with all these local conventions. Comic Fiesta yesterday was pretty okay, though there was more people commissioning me and my friends for colour art and stuff rather than buying the books we're trying to sell. No biggie, we still made some income, though not by much... I mean, I can only do marker colour art so fast, so with the given time, there's not much in terms of income from it. I got a lot of questions about why I didn't sell No Pink Ponies stuff, but heck, this thing is still under 1 year old. I don't want to seem pretentious and do stuff for it with the idea that it'll sell (cos seriously, I still don't know how well known or not No Pink Ponies is). Anyways, there's the Sci-Fi & Fantasy Convention today, so I've gone off to that (by the time this news is up, yeah, I'm there) so that doesn't give me enough time to colour today's Sunday update. I will try to get the colours done later tonight perchance I'm not exhausted by then.
December 13th 2006

Ha ha, work life DOES take it's toll into No Pink Ponies as right now, I suffer the first missed update due to it.Plus the fact that I've been a bit busy lately preparing a comic for the upcoming local Malaysian KL Conventions so I didn't do any advance strips for some time and now, update missed, but I'll try to get something done tomorrow.

And on that note: I will be appearing this Saturday, December 16th, at Comic Fiesta for the whole day on Saturday. My booth will be booth number 18 and I will be selling an anthology book that I made with Aimo, Zid and Hanie called Yon Gumix: Back from the Dead and on Snday, I will be appearing at Cedko's first ever Malaysian Sci-Fi & Fantasy Festival for the second half of the day starting 3 pm and we will be booth number (funny enough) 17.

Wow, that was a lot to write... whoever's in Malaysia, see you there!

Edit: Hah... damn, looks like I'm gonna miss today too... but come what may, I will update Friday!
November 28th 2006

This wednesday's retail comic shipping is going to have Dead Sonja, yay! This isn't really my first print comic in America, I've had several, but hell, this is going to be my most recent drawing style. The prints I've had before this was very heavily manga influenced style drawing, but Dead Sonja would mark my first less manga (but still manga influenced) and more cartoony drawing style that I've presented in No Pink Ponies...

Scroll down to Blatant Comics, my cover is the Dead Sexy cover which is surprisingly the highest priced of the three covers.
November 27th 2006

I drop my "Freelancer 4 Lyfe" status recently and got myself a job. Yeah, I didn't really have a job before this but taking random drawing gigs here and there. It's a local job in Malaysia but it's a job that I have to go to every morning and come back home in the evening. It's doing comics for international publishing though, ha ha ha ha, but that's another matter.

Personally, I don't know how this'll affect No Pink Ponies' schedule, cos I'll still have weekends free to do NPP and I have proven to myself that I can do a whole week's work in just one day, but the thing is, I will still have a job now and I might just get exhausted that I won't feel like working at night or in the weekend. But, hell, this is all in the future, for now, I've done enough backlog to last through enough.
November 20th 2006

Okay, before anybody starts complaining about inaccuracies, I'll make a pre-emptive strike and say, yes, I was lazy and did not look at references for the second panel to make an accurate drawing of someone being hooked up on life support for being in a coma from a harsh car accident.

While, yes, I could've made an easy search online and find pictures of how a coma patient is hooked up in bed and all, I didn't, I took the easy/lazy road and totally made my own portrayal of it. Truth be told, I'm crazy over accuracy, I love it when I read a comic and things are drawn as accurately as possible depicting certain moments so I myself try to do the same, but sometimes, I get lazy or I'm rushing for something so I said to myself, "Accuracy be damned!" and just drew it out of memory from what little I've seen on TV. This is not a good thing, I do not reccomend people to do this even for a free comic.

In any case, if what I drew is inaccurate, I apologise.
November 17th 2006

Okay, goostew totally called it in the forum.

I was inspired by Pearl Jam's Last Kiss (or, as I have found out thanks to someone replying in my Livejournal when this rant went up way too early cos of... something, a technical error maybe, Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers made it famous and Wayne Cochran sang it originally) for this particular story... though, to be fair, I don't take the song word by word and turn it into a story for the comic, but this part is still pretty much inspired by that song. A little story though, I've always loved that song, it's just special sounding to me, touches me in my heart. I've been wanting to make a sort of story interpretation using that song but nothing was really coming up or it's just not suitable for the story in question.

When I created No Pink Ponies, I've had rough ideas of the character's pasts and I've always wanted to give CCG a 'Last Kiss' past. It is cliche and generic, yeah, but hell, it's what I've wanted to do for years and finally, I got to do it. I regret nothing! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
November 13th 2006

There's a possibility my Tag-Board is either hacked or cracked... I'm thinking hacked cos there's that weird animated gif at the bottom... so, without further ado...

I was thinking of putting this new layout up when comes the first anniversary of No Pink Ponies (which would be February 7th, 2007) and this new layout, as you can see, is Tag-Board-less... yes, I've been thinking about getting rid of the Tag-Board, but, as lady luck would have it, the Tag-Board seems to be inaffective and thus, needs to be taken out, so lo and behold, the new layout now graces the No Pink Ponies front. It's sort of a good excuse too, now, Tag-Board-less, I am able to put up the new layout earlier than expected.

If you like the new layout or plain ol' hate it, you can always comment about it in the forum. Just cos there's no Tag-Board doesn't mean there can't be a community, ha ha ha ha ha.

In other webpage related news, the Gallery is finally updated with new fanart from one Aaron Pearson and I've finally put up the past Buzzcomix Voting gift arts (which includes Teh Smex CCG) and some very sexy doodles I did involving the No Pink Ponies gal crew.
November 12th 2006

I came by some very good webcomics lately. So good, it was time to update my Links page!

Okay, we all know I like Out There as I have ranted and linked it here, on the front page, numerous times. What we didn't know is that I like Stuff Sucks by Liz Greenfield. It's a great comic about music and record stores and Amsterdam. Everything's awesome in Amsterdam. The art's really nice too, unique and fresh. Love it. Now, those are comics I've been reading for awhile just didn't link. Here are comics that have been around the net for quite sometime but I only found them recently. One is the very funny and very uniquely made Multiplex by Gordon McAlpin. Hilarious stuff in there about people working in a Multiplex... uhh... place. Another one is the very popular Dr.McNinja by Chris Hastings. Well, I think it's popular, I've heard about it a lot before I decided to read it... in any case, this is one hilarious comic with some extremely zany events happening. Definitely reccomended.

The world of webcomic is big indeed...
November 11th 2006

Time to clear it up... me, I thought it was kinda obvious, but apparently, it's not...

Someone mentioned a time leap in the Tag Board. See, No Pink Ponies follows real time, like the November 5th Sunday Strip, Jess' Bro mentioned November 5th. And around Halloween time, they were dressed up and getting ready for Halloween. Sure, they have some two or three week long story arc but that's just to us. To them, those events happened for like a day or two (or a week as the Alabama story arc did). When the story arc finishes, time will leap to the current time. So...

They started off to go to Alabama in mid-September (20th September according to the strip date)... now is already early November... so in No Pink Ponies, it's been over a month since Jess made that trip to Alabama. I cannot draw every single moment in the comic's timespan or I'd miss real life events like Christmas or Halloween, so yes, NPP has time leaps and gaps inbetween story arcs... think of it like a newspaper cartoon strip that follows real time and makes specific event strips.

Like I said, I thought it was obvious that there's time leaps considering the events that I draw in the strip (Halloween, Valentine's Day, November 5th) and I really hate to explain my comics, but sometimes, I feel like I have to...
November 6th 2006

I added an archive page for easier navigation of the comic rather than using the drop down menu only. I've also added a calendar thingie on every page, so now, if you wanna read Tigrine only, alls you gotta do is click on the Sunday links. Have fun.
November 5th 2006

Okay, I changed the dialogue in the final panel of Friday's strip so that the whole thing would be more understandable. Ha ha ha, really, my bad, I was kinda thinking of that strip more in my point of thinking that I thought it'd be okay to leave it that subtle. All done and fixed there though, so I think now the strip would be more understandable.

For those who still don't know who or what Brandi is, Brandi is my parody name for Barbie (first reference to this is the 14th June 2006 strip) and the girl you see that is Maureen's match is actually a character that appeared before. It seems not everyone got this, but those that did, bully for you! Well done! Her first appearance was in the 27th March 2006 strip.

Lastly, today's strip marks Maureen's first Sunday No Pink Ponies appearance and the first time Maureen and Lyla is in the same panel. Yay!
November 3rd 2006

Okay, wow... we just got a whole influx of new readers thanks to the Novermber 1st Newsbox and it is overwhelmingly pleasant. I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome all the new readers and I'm glad that a whole lot of you are enjoying the comic. Really means a lot to me to know that people really appreciate what I do, so big thanks to all that leaves messages on the tag-board and forum, as I can see that the forum is actually being more active than it usually is.

Welcome to the new readers and thank you all for showing great support to my comic.

Edit: There, fixed the white hair part...
October 31st 2006

Happy Halloween, little ponies!!

Hope you guys have a lot of fun this Halloween and try not to get too drunk, tomorrow's still a work/school day.
October 29th 2006

I'm not gonna lie, this wasn't really how I planned to end it. At first, I did Tigrine just for the sake of fun, a little something-something that's different from No Pink Ponies and I wanted to do an actual comic story with fights and conflicts and stuff happening, but then, I thought to myself, how does it end and be connected to No Pink Ponies that way? I mean, it can't just end and then the Sunday goes back to No Pink Ponies Sunday without any thought into it. So, some time last month, it occurred to me that halloween is this week. Now, we don't really celebrate Halloween in Malaysia, so I can't say I know first-hand about it but I do know about it, with the whole trick or treat and costumes and Halloween parties and all that. In any case, I figure, since NPP is sort of real-time based, why not use Halloween to connect Tigrine with the main No Pink Ponies story and a little re-write and stuff stuff and wah lah! Tigrine's ending is conceived.

Well, I had fun drawing Tigrine... will I do something like this again in the future? Only time will tell... Some people are asking me to archive Tigrine as it's own and stuff, but... well, I'm not a programmer and stuff like that, so I don't know how to actually really do that... if anyone wanna come up with something, feel free to.
October 27th 2006

I'm back from my trip, as you can see in my replies in the tag-board and the drop down menu being updated with the correct dates for the strips and all. I had a nice trip, loads of food, family ties and Nintendo DS goodness.

Anyways, I just wanted to post this news to say that the tag-board is not really buggy. Tag-World just did this new little thing where the Tag-Board will reload itself automatically so that instant chatting can occur on it. Me, personally, I liked the idea that the Tag-board is more of a message thing, where people leave their messages, but if Tag-World wanna turn it into a mini-chatroom, I'm not complaining, ha ha ha ha. Enjoy the new features for the tag board.

In other news, Out There has now joined the Keenspot family. Comic deserves it too, welcome to the Spot, RC Monroe!
October 21st 2006

A friend of mine did this for me and it is AWESOME! Mainly because it is Phoenix Wright but also because it is true!

In the webcomic front, I just found myself this little gem of a new webcomic called Out There. It updates on weekdays and that alone already made it a better comic than No Pink Ponies. I totally reccomend a read. It's only 4 months in, check it out, there's not much in the archives so you can totally get into it easily.

Lastly, Happy Eidulfitri (this is an international spelling, Malaysians spell it Aidilfitri, but I figured, this is an international page, so go for international spelling) to those that will be celebrating it, I'm off to my grandmother's house tomorrow but the comic will update as usual, but don't complain about the drop-down menu staying static, I have to input that manually and there's no way for me to do that while I'm away cos there's no internet where I'm going. Have fun.
October 17th 2006

Just thought I'd post this news now. Aidilfitri, a little something something we celebrate after Ramadhan is coming up and as a family tradition, me and my family will be going down to my grandmother's house where there is no internet, so this means when I'm away, there is no way for me to get online and... well... do stuff...

BUT, I've already drawn this comic weeks in advance so the comic will still be updated as usual on the days it should be updating, but the drop down menu with the dates won't, cos I enter that manually everyday. So, when comes the update that the drop down meny date doesn't change, please don't complain about it.

In other news, check it out, one of my closest and bestest friend got interviewed for Newsarama's Up&Coming article this week, cheggidout!
October 9th 2006

I'm not gonna lie to you guys. I got lazy. Well, not really. See, due to financial disposition, I cannot continue my subscription to City of Heroes/Villains, an MMORPG that I love oh so dearly. But the weekend that has just past, Cryptic Studios did a little something where they reactivated all deactivated accounts to celebrate the release of the newly packaged Good vs Evil product where they boxed both CoH and CoV into one box. Now, I love this game, so with my account reactivated, I re-installed and downloaded the mega huge 1.6GB patch just so that I can play the game again... and that's what I did yesterday. Right after I finished that Tigrine page, the download patch was done, so I played the game... from 8 am (Malaysian time) to 12:30 midnight... this account thing ends at 11:59 pm EST so that means it ends at 11:59 am Malaysian time, so upon waking up this morning, I continued playing the game... all the way to 11:57am just now.

In other words, I didn't do any No Pink Ponies strip today but I regret nothing! Though yesterday, I pulled a South Park and wasted my whole day away, I was happy. Today's strip is up!
October 6th 2006

Almost got lazy today. Anyways, I've been working on a comic these past couple of weeks called Dead Sonja, written by Rob Potchak, Jr. and co-written by Chris Crosby. The comic is basically a parody of Red Sonja and is going to be published by Blatant Comics, it's gonna be solicited by Diamond, heck, it's got a Spotlight spot on this month's PREVIEWS, so check that out. The comic is 48 pages drawn by three different artists. Part 1 by AP Furtado, part 2 by Owen Gieni and part 3 by me. It'll also have three variant covers, done by all three artists.

Now that the plugging's all done, I also updated the Gallery with a fanart by Dalvia, don't forget to check it out, it's very cheeky and witty. I liked it. Friendly reminder thingie, if you wanna send in fanarts of No Pink Ponies, you can send it via e-mail (e-mail found in Author page) or you can post the artwork in the forum.
October 2nd 2006

I like to fix some of the posting errors posted on the Tag Board. Like say, a double post, I'll delete one of the post and if the person puts in an apology for double posting, I delete that too since I edited the tag board and took out the double post. But rest assured, all apologies on the tag board are accepted. After all, if I didn't accept it, I wouldn't have bothered to fix it, non? Of course, the posting errors doesn't rest on double posting only, but let's not get into that.

Here's the actual question though... do people mind that I do this? I don't fix on typos or edit the posts without reason, only when it needs fixing and is stated by the poster what the mistake is... but if people do mind that I tinker with their post, then I'll stop and just let the Tag Board roam free. Just wondering.
October 1st 2006

Wow, it's October already. It feels like I just started this webcomic a couple of months ago, but naw, it's already 8 months since it first went up on Comic Genesis. I know, I know, in webcomic terms, 8 months really isn't much or anything and it's still relatively new, but to me, who is a HUGE procrastinator of webcomics and infamous for putting webcomics on hiatus for months and months, to update this comic pretty regularly, missing updates only by weekly status and not spanning to 2 or 3 months, especially for 8 months going (usually, by the 5th month, I start getting lazy and would be putting my comic on hiatus), this is quite an amazing feat. Well, here's hoping I'm sticking to it for 8 months more without fail. So far, it's been three weeks and I still haven't missed an update.

Tigrine is coming close to it's end. Then, it's back to No Pink Ponies Sunday.
September 29th 2006

I changed the 2nd panel for a more deragotory pick-up line that will justify Maureen's action more for those who thinks that Maureen went a bit overboard just over a cheesy pick-up line. This strip is an obvious homage to Frank Cho's Liberty Meadows running gag featuring Dean the ex-mascot pig and his adventures of picking up chicks in Al's Treetop Tavern. But, as I realised, in said running gag, Dean's line is always super deragotory and disrespectful to women which kinda justifies him getting beaten up by women all the time, so in that spirit, I changed the redneck's line there to show an even more accurate homage to the Liberty Meadows running gag.

But, for those who think the old panel holds it's own charm, fret not, here it is, the original 2nd panel used for today's strip:

September 27th 2006

It's fasting season for me (I'm Islam) so my spirit to draw during the day isn't really as high as I'd like it to be so most of the time, I just laze about not doing anything or playing the DS during the day, so, I apologize. I did this strip at night and I was getting very sleepy at that time so the quality isn't as good as I'd like it to be. I'll try to keep my spirits up in the next update and actually draw the strip with better energy.

Oh, also, to all people of Islam religion, have a safe ramadhan!
September 25th 2006

Today, I'ma pluggin' a relatively new webcomic group that goes by the name of Ultima Java. So, here it is, Ultima Java. Don't forget to check out, Ultima Java.

Seriously, check it out.
September 18th 2006

Jess is sporting a T-Shirt with the acronym for Webcomic Hotness, in case anyone's wondering.
September 13th 2006

Edit: Geez, I need to remember to upload new news when I'm done with it...

A couple of weeks ago, Josh Lesnick, creator of Girly and long time internet friend (in fact, I've been a fan of his since 1995-1996, before I set up my first homepage on the net) asked me if I can do a guest strip for Girly. Being that Girly is one of my most favourite online comic strip ever (really, I just like Josh's comic in general, so Girly being a favourite of mine isn't much of a surprise) I said YES! Now, I was just replying to an e-mail, so it didn't show, but it was a very enthusiastic "yes". Now, my guest strip for this hilarious and entertaining webcomic is up, go check it!
September 12th 2006

People should check out Wirepop. Sure, it's a subscribe site but it still has my comic and I've been updating Rumble Fall pretty regularly that I surprise myself. I'm actually on the 6th page of Chapter 4 and I didn't have a LOOOOONG hiatus between pages on any of these. It's preposterous and unheard of, I know, but it happens. Anyways, other than my comic, there's also Dan Hess' Realms of Ishikaze, the most impressively updated comic on the whole site. This one have not missed an update, it's amazing, entertaining and in full colour and a newfound respect should be given to Aimo for her amazing job of updating World of our Own regularly... oh, not that impressive you say? Well, she's been doing it 5 times a week! And today, she's opening it all up for free!! So you can read the whole comic and grasp at the storyline but, it's only free for today! At midnight (PST), she's taking it all off again, so get it now... get it fast.

Oh yeah, don't forget to check out my Rumble Fall.
September 8th 2006

Okay, I've decided that I'm not gonna parody celebrity names. I'll still parody movie and comic titles (even TV series titles), but celebrity names shall remain the same as it is in real life, so I've changed all the dialogues that had the name Jennifer Laff Huwatt to Jennifer Love Hewitt... whether or not Maureen really looks like her doesn't matter, in No Pink Ponies, she does! A passing resemblance anyway... I'm not really that good in drawing portraits of real people as you can clearly see from my attempt to draw Maureen like JLH...

Anyways, because this thing is part of NPP, I'm linking it still, the new NPP Livejournal feed. Now, I just have to find a place in this page to keep this link permanent...
September 6th 2006

There, I finally did it. The Character page is updated with Maureen's info in it (so yeah, she's now officially a regular character in No Pink Ponies and am not looking to be snuffed or shafted). I also changed all the character portraits in there cos I really, REALLY didn't like the old ones.

Now, in other news, No Pink Ponies have touched number 55 in the buzzcomix top 100 list (number 9 in the Top Real Life list! Yay!). I see that there's a lot of improvement in the voting of the comics and I thank you all for voting. I'm working on a new "voting gift CG", so keep on voting. That image of Policewoman Jess is bound to change in the near future.

Edit: Whoo, No Pink Ponies have Livejournal Feed! This comic has the greatest fans, thank you so much!
September 4th 2006

Now, I mean absolutely no offense or disrespect to Alabamans with today's strip. I seriously think there's nothing wrong with Alabama. It's just another one of them stereotype jokes I like to use so much. Look at it this way, at least I'm complimenting Alabama by saying that the state does have a variety of people for Cute Comic Guy to come from there.

In other news, I updated the Links page again with a new webcomic by my good friend, Aimo, called Destiny. It's sort of a Malay-based Fantasy setting based very loosely from a Malaysian Legend. It's very good and a definite must-read and it JUST started, so you won't really be feeling like, "Dammit... so much to catch up... this blows!" kinda feeling! Go, read, enjoy!
September 3rd 2006

I really have no excuse. Today's lack of update (of course, it's only Tigrine, so it's not that big of a deal) is because the brushpen I use to ink is... well... out of ink. I've had numerous chances to buy a backup just in case this happens but I didn't bank on it and now I'm paying for it. I tried to use a drawing pen to ink (cos before I started using brushpen, I used drawing pens) but somehow it's just not the same. I guess I'm just used to brushpen now. So, I'm gonna get myself a brushpen hopefully today so that I can do something for tomorrow's strip but today, no strip, it's another missed Sunday update.

New links in the Links page. You see, whevenever I have a homepage incarnation, I always linked to Jo-Chen, but I had a HUGE gap of actual homepages before No Pink Ponies that I forgot to do this, so now, finally, I linked her page again. And now, webcomics! First up, a new comic by the collective team of Chris Arrant and Daniel Warner called 1 Way Ticket. It's a fun unique comic that just started (5 pages so far) about a band (I'm assuming). I really like the art style and the story intrigues me that I wanna see more. The next one I just found (HAH! Despite having done webcomics almost all my net life, I'm actually new to the whole "reading" webcomics) is called Girls with Slingshots by Danielle Corsetto. A very engaging storyline about a girl writer and her life with her friends and loves. I went through the whole thing in one sitting. And it also has a Maureen!! Though hers is more lovable and adorable. Check em all out!
August 30th 2006

New update! the story's getting more serious!! But don't worry, it won't stay that way too long. This still is supposed to be a comedy.

Okay, the real reason behind this news, a new fanart done up in the Gallery by Artavias, this time of everyone's favouritely to be hated, Maureen! Check it out, really good stuff that guy can do, yes, yes. Also, check out his deviantart (linked inside the Gallery). more love for NPP fanart!! Yay!
August 28th 2006

The Keenspot newsbox did a superb job. No Pink Ponies have just a whole flood of new readers and I really appreciate all the support you readers are giving the comic, new and old. If y'all enjoyed this comic, why not try out and see my other comics like Futana: The Danger Ninja, Rumble Fall (look in the menu for Rumble Fall) and Maid Attack (ended). Also, you can check out the first webcomic I ever did, Gomen Nasai too. The one that started it all. Don't worry, this one has ended, so there's no need to check for updates.

A little shameless plug for my other relatively unknown webcomics. Heh heh... heeeeh...

Okay then, in other news, the Gallery is updated with a new fanart by Tinco and also I put up the full image that I drew for the newsbox as well.
August 27th 2006

Tigrine returns, BUT, I couldn't do as I promised, the whole three pages in today's update thing cos... well, I got no excuse, I got lazy. I've been productive with doing the comic strip and Rumble Fall and the whole sketch a day on my livejournal thing until Friday. My order of Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan for the Nintendo DS arrived and I spent half of Friday and the whole of Saturday playing that game. But I regret nothing! For that game is AWESOME!

Hey, at least I still update today.
August 24th 2006

The image I used for the new banner is for sale! I used my DeviantArt account to sell prints of that particular art and it not only is sold as prints but mugs and mouse pads and postcards as well.

You can check out the art for sale here

My first No Pink Ponies merchandise ever, ha ha ha ha.
August 23rd 2006

I got a new fanart today, delivered via the Forum. Yay, people actually the forum, I'm so happy. Anyways, after so long, my Gallery is updated with a fanart by Tinco. Go check out the Gallery and if you have a fanart you wanna submit, don't be shy, you can either e-mail them to me (e-mail is in the Author page) or just post it on the forum. Who knows, the forum just might provide you with criticism or comment from other users too.

Hey, one can hope, right?

Edit: Finally, I've done different sized banners and a small cute little button for linking. So, hey, use em as you like em, just don't direct link to it.
August 20th 2006

Sorry, no updates today, I went to a wedding that was like a 2++ hours drive away and just came back from it. Officially, it's 12 hours since I left my house this morning with friends to that wedding and ba da boom! I am way too exhausted to do today's Tigrine Sunday strip, so, I've decided that next Sunday will be a 3 page special. I'll post 3 pages of Tigrine to miss the 2 weeks of Tigrine updates I missed and add in next Sunday's Tigrine as well.

Tomorrow's update will commence as usual.
August 18th 2006

Well, it happened. I have such great fans, one of them actually put No Pink Ponies up in Wikipedia. I have no words to describe this wonder cos I really didn't expect this to happen so early into the series. I haven't even put up Maureen's character info in the Characters page yet. All I can say is thank you for being such great fans of the comic. I'll try my best not to let you down by doing more regular updates and not missing days and actually putting out a good story and putting in more flesh into the characters rather than the empty stereotype that they are right now.

That's the best I can do, I will still not name the male characters of the comic.
August 16th 2006

Started a little something on my Livejournal. Inspired by some of the great artists in the internet like Eric Canete and Lauren Montgomery, I am now doing one of those a sketch a day thing. Of course, obviously, I can't really do the updating every day because there will be some times that I'll be a bit too busy or out of town or stuff like that, but I'll try my best to update every day on that, so check my LJ every day for new drawings.
August 14th 2006

I added some new comics in the Links, I've been meaning to link these two comics for quite some time already, but I'm a procastinating forgetful little bugger. Anyways, the comics, one being Copper, one of the most impressive online comics I've ever seen. Great drawings with some very interesting storytelling and world view perspective. Oh, this comic was also nominated for an Eisner this year for Best Digital Comic. Alas, it didn't win. The other comic is Andrea. L Peterson's No Rest for the Wicked. I actually knew her from my old OCAD days, she's a very good artist with a very good penchant for great stories. No Rest for the Wicked makes for a very interesting twist of fairy tales. Must-read.
August 13th 2006

No update today. Had a birthday party for my niece yesterday and it took a whole lot out of me that I have no energy to draw today's update. Update will resume on Monday as usual though, so no worries there.

Edit: Apparently, Tag-World is doing some upgrading in their homepage and changing the look of the Tag-Board. The one thing is that we lost a whole bunch of messages from the whole of yesterday and also I can't log into my account to make some changes to the layout so that we can actually SEE the messages yet. Let's hope they get all this done by tomorrow so that I can actually make the changes and get the tag board working again. Oh well.
August 7th 2006

After a little search online, I think I found a tag-board that has the right look that fits No Pink Ponies (a la Tag-Board) that might not even have any pop-ups. This tag board from Tag World might just be the one I've been looking for. But hey, for the longest time, I never knew that Tag-Board had pop-ups until people started mentioning it in the tag board itself, so this one is on a test-run. If there is any kind of problem with it, at all, then feel free to comment on it and I'll take the tag board off again.

Edit: Oh, forgot to mention this, I am now also open to Take commissions.
August 4th 2006

As you can see, No Pink Ponies is now Keenspotted. A couple of days before I went to San Diego for the Comic Con, I got an e-mail invite to join Keenspot. I was totally mulling this over, I even tried to go to the Keenspot panel at SDCC... but... I didn't... I dunno why... but in any case, I decided to join Keenspot anyway. I think this is a good direction for this comic's future. Hell, this'll give me more motivation to update more regularly.

And even better, I can now tell people the url to this comic and not have a hard time cos I need to spell out comicgenesis and stuff. Nothing's changed for the comic itself though, so it's all totally cool, just a little change in the url and stuff.

Also, updated the Links page and removed the Tag-Board cos of pop-up problems. Ta daaaa.
August 1st 2006

Thanks to Kent and his tag-board post, I found out that No Pink Ponies was reviewed on a Digital Strips Podcast. This is actually pretty cool, cos I've been online for almost 10 years with several webcomics already and this is the first time ever that one of my comic actually gets a verbal review (well, reviews in general of my webcomics are very sparse). I'm writing this as I'm hearing the podcast though, so I dunno if it's a good review or not. But I just still find this damn cool

Here's where the podcast review is.

What's funny is this is my first podcast. I've never gotten any of them podcasts before cos I have no ipod, but whaddya know, I can actually play this on my browser.

Edit: Horkeh, I have indeed finish listening to the podcast and I liked it. Overall, it was pretty nice and if you guys who reviewed the comic are reading this, thanks for the big shout out and review, I really appreciate it and I totally would take into consideration the criticism given particularly in where the comic is going and all that. Also, I always had a cast page, it's in the menu of links under this newsbox linked as Characters. I need to update that with Maureen.
July 30th 2006

Today's strip will be very, very, VERY late. Was checking out my SDCC schwags (stuff I got from there) and totally lost track of time (in particular, I was checking out the Mega64 version 1 DVD I got and then me and my family was checking out the videos I took of my trip at the con, Sea World and the San Diego Zoo), so I have only pencilled two panels of today's Sunday strip. I will get it done for today's update, but it will be extremely late. So check again later.... much later.

Edit: Finally done with it. Jetlag made my nap into a sleep that, thankfully, I got woken up from before it went into deep sleep of all the way to midnight where I will wake up and not be able to sleep until 5 am and screw up my biological clock in general. I need more rest, definitely, so that I can conquer jet lag, but a promise is a promise.

And now, a big shout out to the peeps from Penny and Aggie. I just saw my stats today and saw a HUGE spike of visitors, especially on the 17th and deductions were made and I've come to the conclusion that the big spike is thanks to Penny and Aggie, so thanks for the shout out, Gisele, I truly, truly appreciate it.

I need to catch up on a lot of webcomics...
July 29th 2006

All right, I'm back from San Diego. After a harrowing trip back, I am now ready and able to do stuff again... well, sort of, I am still superbly exhausted, but an update is due, so tomorrow, No Pink Ponies is back in action.

In other news, I had a lot of fun at San Diego comic con and shout out to those who's coming into this online comic thru the giveaway sketchbooks I... uhhh... gave away, at SDCC. It was great meeting people there. I got to meet Adam Warren, Rodolphe Guenoden, Gabe and Tycho from Penny Arcade, Doug Wagner, writer of The Ride, Craig McCracken, creator of the Powerpuff Girls and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and a whole lot of other people I met like Brian K.Vaughan, Josh Middleton, Skottie Young, Mike Mignola... aaaaggh, there's too many people met to even list!

For full report, you can check this post out on my LJ.

Also, yeah, as Mango-Monkey-Boy pointed out in the Tag Board, I had a featured article interview on Newsarama.
July 11th 2006

I have to apologise, I should've announced this earlier, but I thought I could make the updates. I was wrong. I've been working on spicing up a portfolio for San Diego Comic Con lately so I haven't had time to do No Pink Ponies. I thought I could whip some stuff up after I do a bit of portfolio stuff but after I was done with the portfolio sketches, I was too exhausted to start up on anything else, so bla di bla, no updates are ever done, that's why no announcements were ever made. Cos I thought I could make it.

I apologise that I didn't make this announcement earlier, but pretty much expect that no updates will come for Wednesday as well. Need to work on this portfolio to show to the editors. Maybe Friday, cos I'm trying to get everything for my portfolio done on Wednesday.
July 5th 2006

Will be late in update today. For the American readers out there, Happy July 4th!

Come back later, I'm sure I'll have an update... maybe... endure the pop-ups!!

Edit: Well, the late update isn't as late as I thought it'd be. Enjoy!
June 30th 2006

I saw Superman Returns last night and today I'm exhausted. So updates will come tomorrow.

For my Superman Returns review (or somewhat of one), you can read it here.
June 28th 2006

There's about 3 more weeks before my first ever trip to the San Diego Comic Con so I thought maybe I should announce it now that I'm going there. Now, here's the schtick, I actually was planning to do a strip of Jess going to the Comic Con in the No Pink Ponies world, BUT, I've never been to a Comic Con before (we are somewhat deprived of an industry based Comic Convention here in Malaysia. We have some fan based one called Comic Fiesta, but I hardly think these two are the same) so I really have no idea how to actually come up with a comic of her at Comic Con and stuff like that. So, I decided to not update during the week that I am at Comic Con. Maybe next year, I'd be able to do a story of her at a comic con.

Of course, I can just update the comic from over there, but with how this is my first ever Comic Con, I doubt I'll want to actually take my time to draw comics. I'm gonna cruise around the Con, mingling it up with the peeps and holla at my net buddies!

Anyways, just thought I'd give a heads up before people blow their fuse thinking I neglected another update.
June 23rd 2006

You are so defensive. People can't even comment on the annoyingness of popups now? Noone has said anything remotely bad about you and you still get on the defensive. It puts me off reading the comic.

I'm not being defensive. I'm just telling people who gets pop-ups that they will still be getting pop-ups, I won't be taking out the tag-board, the cause of the pop-up. Did I tell them not to complain? Nope, I just said, "If you get a pop-up, just press (x) cos it will still come". And if this puts you off from reading the comic, I can't do anything about it, I'm putting it online here for free, it's up to you if you want to read it or not.

To my knowledge a pop-up is a somewhat trivial thing over which to make such a case...

I'm not sure if this part is aimed to me, but just in case, again, I'm not making a case about it, I just wanna tell people what's up, so I'm just leaving a note for the visitors that mentions they have pop-up problem that they're going to have to grin and bear it, cos the pop-ups are not going away.

I mean, I can't just say nothing. I already mentioned before that I'm not replying to the tag-board messages on the tag-board so when people leave messages on the tag-board about my website, I thought it's within my rights to say to them what's up. I'm not being defensive nor am I making a case out of it. Did I tell them to f*** off if they don't like the pop-up? No, I'm just replying to people's message for me about my website, that's all. If I'm being defensive, I would have made an angry news post, but the last news post is not angry or annoyed (nor is this one, again, just replying) and I mentioned in that news post that I'm just leaving a note for those who has problems with the pop-ups. That's all.

Today's comic will be a little late, so check back later. Much later.

Edit: Updated! The new character is supposed to be based of Jennifer Love Hewitt, but I don't think I captured her right enough (or in fact, I don't think I succeed in cartoonifying her at all, it really looks nothing like her). Sorry Ms.Hewitt (ha ha, as if she reads this comic).
June 20th 2006

That tag-board is a better tag-board than shout box, so I am not gonna change it. If you guys get a pop-up, annoying or not, just press the close button. Sure, it's annoying and all that, but it's not much of an effort. The pop-up doesn't appear every 5 seconds. I get the pop-up too, in case you're wondering and from what I know, it only appears when the page is loading. So with that, I don't think it's that annoying of a pop-up since you can just close it and done There's no need to refresh the website every 10 minutes or so. If the update already happens, then that's that for the day, there's no need to refresh the site. And if there's no update, like yesterday, then that's that. If I'm gonna do a late update, I'd announce it here so that you would know to check back later.

Just thought I'd give a little note about the pop-ups. I kind of highly doubt the pop-ups are from comicgenesis themselves, since this issue only appears after I put in the new Tag-Board, so I don't think the pop-up appears every time you go to a different page on the website, but if this is the case (I never got this, the pop-up appears rarely but it appears only on the main page and when the tag board is finished loading) then it's comicgenesis and not the tag-board and if that's the case, then you'll just have to buck up and bear the annoyance.

Though, if it is the tag-board (which it most likely is), you still have to buck up and bear the annoyance anyway, cos I'm staying with it.
June 16th 2006

Today's update is gonna be a little late. There is an update, so check back later.

Edit: Done, today's update is up. Why am I late? World of Warcraft. I forgot how fun this game is. I finished a big deadline recently and spent the whole day yesterday playing that game. The thing is... I see this happening frequently, me getting an update in late because of gaming. I just hope I don't get lost in it and leave it on long hiatus like Rumble Fall.

Crap... gotta start on that. Enjoy!
June 12th 2006

I changed the layout in the forum. It now looks like one with the website, yayyy! Also, added some other forums for my other Online Comics, Futana, Maid Attack and Rumble Fall. Other than that, I'm closing in on my deadline AND I'm close to exterminating my backlogs. When this happens, I'll finally have time to myself to... you know, do other stuff, like my other Online Comics. Also, this might give me more time to actually do stuff for myself as well.

Other than that, I reactivated my World of Warcraft account. If you're online on Durotan server, I might just be in there as my Dwarf Hunter Pauthol. I have a Rogue Undead too, his name is Fullanthesis, but I hardly play this guy. Ahhh, online gaming, I miss you so much.

Now, to rebuild my PC and get more jobs so I can afford to re-install and reactivate City of Heroes/Villains. Of course, when I do, updates might be neglected... again.
June 10th 2006

Okay, I got another deadline closing in for my local magazine work, Jom, so no weekend update on No Pink Ponies. The daily comic update will still go on tomorrow, so no worries there.

Jom is available in Malaysia only, it's not internationally distributed. (I always get that question, "Where can we get this Jom?" so I decided to do a pre-emptive strike)
June 8th 2006

Just to tell my visitors that, out of an effort to make people go to my forum more, I have decided not to answer questions in the Tag Board, tempting though, as some of it is. I'm gonna let the Tag Board be a community thing between fans. Chat, leave comments, spam, whatever (try not to flame people, be nice, this is an all-ages-family-friendly comic) there but if you ask me a question, it'll prove useless for I won't be replying it there.

If you got a question to ask, the forum is always a good place to do it. It's a simple registration and if you already have a runboard account, there's no need to register!

Ha ha ha, the things I try to get more people into the forum. When I figure out the layout for the forum, I'ma changin' that too.
June 5th 2006

Big ass apologies, laziness have swamped me so no update for today either. Yes, I have no excuse. I just got lazy and decided not to do the comic. Sorry for those who've been waiting for it, but sometimes, a guy just doesn't feel like doing work, yanno? Not exhaustion or anything, it's just laziness. I've got no excuse. Let the bricking begin.

Ooh, I forgot, even if I don't update NPP, I have some new arts available for view up in my Livejournal. Check that place out to, like... not be bored or something? I mean, NPP not updating really shouldn't affect your life much, but you know, maybe this'll be a good apology for not updating NPP?

Also, check it regularly, I tend to update my sketches and stuff over there.
June 3rd 2006

Okay, so I put up a little rant about how I don't want people to try to influence me of what I should put in my comic and I'm called uptight. Even went so far as to say that, "I can be an ass to my fans". Not that he's calling me an ass, but it's kinda like, "I'm getting there". Is it really wrong for me to just say, "Please, let me do my own thing"? I mean, it's not like I was mean and lambasted the guy with expletives about the whole thing. But yes, I know, this is the Internet and there's no way to please everyone. I just wanna rant about it a little here, I'm not trying to justify myself. In a sense, I understand what the guy is saying, cos it's true, it is pretty uptight of me to say that. I mean, people will be people and the people who talked to me and trying to influence what I write didn't really do it in a serious way, but I just thought I should mention that I don't like it, just as I'm thinking I should mention about what I'm writing now. I can't just grin and bear it and let it explode in the future which will probably result in me taking down my comic. So, anyways, if telling people to let me write what I want is being an ass and/or uptight, then so be it, that is what I am. I am an ass.

In other news, I've decided to change the order of the page a bit. Comics first and rants second cos... well, my rants seems to be getting longer and longer, so better that it doesn't push the comic farther and farther down. Plus, this way, people can just not scroll down and read all my emo crap.

Also, I'm taking out the tag board cos the website's too slow for me to go and do administrative stuff.
May 31st 2006

I kinda have an annoyance currently. See, No Pink Ponies, as all of you have realised, uses imaginary comics, games, movies... the entertainment media based off real life stuff. Margle comics, Superbman, Flying Mouse Man, Spider-Bee. But nowadays, people are starting to want to try and influence me into naming my imaginary comics and characters and stuff. I mean, I posted about it on the Tag Board, but I thought maybe doing that kinda singles out the person I posted to and I didn't wanna do that, cos he's not the only one doing this "influencing" thing. See, my problem is that, it feels like they're trying to tell me what to do and what to put inside my comic. The newest one on the Tag Board about Rouge/Rogue thing made me feel that way. Poster puts in how the X-Mengz 3 movie shafted Rouge when I had no inkling and/or idea of actually doing a character named Rouge. I already have an idea for a Rogue character but I'm not gonna name her Rouge. What I'm saying is, if you don't know what you're talking about, please refrain from trying to influence me so. It just makes me feel annoyed by it cos... well... it is my comic and my creation, please let me do my things my way. Thanks, I needed to get this off my chest. Again, not singling out a person, it's just this is starting to happen frequently.

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