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Cast of characters

The main girl. She's a nerd, but she also grew up looking cute, so she's a rarity among nerdists. Very goofy and clumsy but also very friendly. Can get a bit extreme at times, like opening a comic store just so that she can get close to the guy she likes.
Jess' best friend since college. She's not a nerd. At all. She cares about Jess a lot and always try to help her out when she can, but from time to time, she likes to mess with Jess by putting ideas in her head, ideas, that seemingly, no sane person would go through with. Already has a boyfriend.
Cute Comic Guy
The cute guy that Jess likes. He works in another comic store that Jess went to and fell head over heels for him at first sight. Now, he is employed to Jess' own comic store, Chix Comix. Guy is also confirmed to be a nerd who loves video games in particular. A very friendly and nice guy.
Lyla's Boyfriend/That Sam L. Jackson Guy
Lyla's boyfriend. Overall cool hepcat. Fun loving and just comes out with a cool vibe. People just love him. He can be very sarcastic from time to time and plays some mean jokes on Jess (or vice versa... siblings, heh). Not a bad person though, that's for sure.
The 4some Nerds
They hang out at Jess' shop to read comics, talk about games, play TCGs or tabletop RPGs all the time. They are Warmasters of the game Warlock & Warriors (that's a high rank there), on tabletop and the new Online Game. They're pretty friendly but still has some strong geek/nerd pride.
An employee of Chix Comix, though Maureen knows absolutely nothing about comics or anything nerdy. In fact, one might argue she knows absolutely nothing at all. She's a ditz and very slow on the uptake but she does have her heart at the right place. Her employment in Chix Comix though, started for about the same reason as Jess'... to impress someone she likes who is always in Chix Comix.

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